A one-hour meditation experience intended to help us talk through our concerns of the future, authentically and compassionately. With each other.

“Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines – and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive – than at any point in the last two decades,” according to the Pew Research Center.

Much of what we’ve heard is that there is fatigue around talking to each other, particularly when there are such polarizing points of views.

So we stopped talking to each other. And we stopped listening. We stopped trying to connect.

As a result, no one feels like they can speak, nor do they feel like they’re being listened to. And that’s causing a ripple of separateness around our country.

We, at ganeshspace, wanted to see how we could bridge the gap this upcoming election year to see if maybe we could change that. Our thinking is that we could start in the middle and work our way outwards to ultimately bring us all together — and to hopefully get to a deeper understanding around the issues that were troubling us.

We also wanted to talk to the youngest generation of voters; tomorrow’s changemakers and leaders.

So we landed on Blacksburg, Virginia, a swing district, and are teaming up with the Students for Non-Violence and the Department of Sociology at Virginia Tech for our first run at this.

Our hope is that this will create true safe space and that people will walk away from this experience with a bit more of an open mind and heart and taking that compassionate approach to future conversations around the issues and our future.

And that this will be the first of many college campuses that we will visit before next November.

It’s on November 7th and 8th. And we need your help.

Ways you can help

Sign up to be a part of the activation.
We’re looking for 100 participants and truly, we do not care where you fall in the political spectrum. That’s the whole point. We’re looking beyond party lines to talk and listen to each other’s concerns about the issues.

Can’t be a part of it but want to help us make it happen? We’re raising $7,000 for the activation. What will that give us? Supplies to put this together (posters, tents), travel and flight accommodations for our leaders and crew and thank you gifts for our participants (baked goods, buttons, t-shirts).


Help us spread the word.
If you can’t participate, don’t have the cash to chip in, then simply help us spread the word. This is truly a grassroots effort and we need your help and support. Share the below graphic with the hashtag #UnitedWeBreathe and @ganeshspace with your community.