We create safe spaces for challenging conversations.


Our gatherings

yoga is union.

We at Ganesh believe that the practice of holding space for opinions that conflict with or confront your own is an extraordinary act of kindness and courage. And that it is a practice.

Our gatherings are centered around our wellbeing and are rooted in yoga + meditation. Each gathering consists of a different type of practice, an expert discussion, and time for our community to reflect and connect.

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For all of us

Our mission is simple, but big: To break down barriers within ourselves and between each other to create a more enlightening and compassionate future for all of us.


Upcoming Gatherings


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Qonnect + Recharge

An opportunity for queer leaders to take a moment of self-care and to connect with each other. Email our Founder at kim@ganeshspace.com for more information.



Meditating on What Matters: Body Talk

The second in our #meditatingonwhatmatters series, a powerhouse body-positive panel discusses new ways of embracing and loving our bodies, at any size.

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Food for Thought

As we start moving into the Autumn, we explore different ways we can mindfully eat for our bodies and for mother nature. More details to come.

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Meditating on What Matters: Restoring the inner self

We team up with our Queer’et friends again to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other through a deep restorative yoga practice.

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The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
— Coretta Scott King